Saturday, August 31, 2013

Training Pictures

I recently have begun a new exercise regimen that gives me the opportunity to  reacquaint myself with some locations I thought I knew. I made it part of my mission to take a picture of my location every day, even if I have been to that place a hundred times before.

I have started to enjoy taking these pictures, and now that I have a smartphone, and thus have a decent camera in my pocket most of the time, I am taking more pictures than I once did.  Some of my favorites are below. I hope you see something of the beauty I saw in them.

Also, this is the first post I have made from a mobile device, so I can't wait to see how it looks!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Poetry: Floating

I wrote this poem a little while ago and meant to post it, but time slipped away and I never did.  But I went looking for it because it speaks well to how I am feeling right now.  There's lots of things going on, and I can't carry any of it, so I'll just have to let myself be carried.


To trust the wave, to brave the deep,
Requires that not one toe still touches sand,
For if I claim unto myself some pow’r
Of push or pull, then all I’ll do is stand
And never move beyond the place I am.

To let it lift, that gift of force
That’s caught amidst the war of Earth and Moon,
To let it carry me to where it will,
For good or ill, arriving late or soon,
Will bring me to my destiny, or doom.

I want to know, to go, to leave
Myself behind upon the shore of fear,
And, traveling thus, transfigured by the sea,
Be my true me, an object held so dear
In waters over which the Spirit
Hovers near.