Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poetry: Every Every

So it has been a few months since my last post, and what a few months it has been!  Many things have been going on, and I'm feeling very busy as I count down the two remaining weeks until my high school puts on its spring musical.

The most important thing that has happened has been a slow and steady deepening of my prayer life.  I made praying the rosary daily a New Years resolution, and I am happy to report that I have not yet broken it.  The fruit of all this prayer has been wonderful, and I am very grateful to God for what He has done for me.  I've had quite a few adventures, and I've experienced many diverse blessings.

I have been writing, and, just like my last post, this one is a poem that comes from the ideas of a friend.  It is pretty obviously religious, and it captures some of the experiences and feelings I've had recently. Please enjoy!

Every Every

You come to visit every year on the same day,
And every year before you come I do the same thing:
Dust and vacuum and wash and polish
Everywhere that I can see,
Walk right by the stains that cover
Every place I can’t see,
And sweep away into dark corners
Everything I refuse to see.

I want to look nice for your arrival,
So every year I go through those same rituals.
I am afraid you won’t come if you see
How dirty the house is everywhere.
I am so scared you will walk by,
And visit every place but mine.
And that feeling sweeps me into a dark corner,
Where I refuse to believe even you can find me.

But still you come, every year,
And enter in through the door of my heart
Even if it is only opened just wide enough
For one beam of light to pass through.
You do not come to inspect my house,
Or to judge how well I have kept it,
But only to share a meal,
A meal you made yourself,
And to tell me you love me.

When you are here
I forget to worry about
Everywhere, and every place, and everything.
And yet somehow just by coming in
You make everywhere, and every place, and everything
Completely new.
Every every that worried me,
Or that I forgot or ignored,
Is gone,
And your love
Is all in all.

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