Thursday, August 2, 2012

Poetry: Blue Feather

Based on a true story:

Blue Feather

I found a blue feather today,
Caught beneath the blades of grass.
It was a shining powder blue
With slanted bands of navy.

I put it on the window sill,
And continued cutting the grass.
Then I watered my tomatoes
And my potatoes and my transplanted hot peppers
And my Evergreen sapling,
And then I turned off the hose and went inside.

I forgot about the blue feather.
When I went outside again it was to check the mail,
Not the feather.
The wind was quicker than my memory.

It was a beautiful feather.
Not too big,
But still big enough for a child to write with,
And it shimmered in the light.

I find seagull feathers at the beach,
And they are pretty in their own way,
But not like the blue feather
That I found in my own yard.
It was a sapphire tucked in a green bed
That I awakened.

I would like to see it used
To write something:
A grocery list, a number on a napkin,
Someone’s name.

But feathers are for the wind,
Not fingers,
And I am happy
When something fulfills its purpose.

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