Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the Radio: The Interviews

Hello everyone, and happy summer!

I've been off from teaching, but I've started grad school, so my writing has been of an academic nature lately.  I do intend to share some of the work I've done, but not until the course I'm in is finished.

Below you'll find the two interviews I did on Thoughts for the Week, in case you weren't up early enough on the Sundays they were broadcast to hear them.

This one is mostly about my work as a religion teacher and campus minister at school:

The second interview focuses much more on my novel, The Champion, and what motivated me to write it:

The interviews are pretty long, at about a half hour each, but they are both interesting and entertaining, and they provide even more reasons to buy my book!  Not that you needed more reasons. :)

A confession: these are the first movies I've ever made with Windows Movie Maker.  It was so easy I'm tempted to do some more... maybe some readings from the novel, or some poems, or perhaps a bedtime story or two... looks like I'll have to work on a youtube account!

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