Sunday, February 26, 2012

Poetry: The Cunning Stone

I was looking through the files on my computer and I found this poem I wrote two and a half years ago.  King David wrote a lot of poetry, so I figure he won't mind if I share this poem about him.  I hope you enjoy it!

The Cunning Stone

Shatt'ring skulls 'neath bronze-shod boots,
The giant takes the day.
Chosen shafts fly errant; none
Can give him pause, can stay
Wrath so potent, fury born
From far across the sea.
He comes to usurp the land
Of Abram's destiny.

Samson's might; Deborah's wit;
Joshua's blood-bright blade;
No judge comes to brandish strength,
To keep the Cov'nant made.
Samuel, O man of God,
From whence comes your hope now?
Israel's children soon before
Philistine king shall bow.

Titan's blade quails Jacob's heart;
No mighty man will stand.
Yet the prophet promises
The Lord will save His land.
The sacred oil has been poured
And words of blessing spoke
O'er Jesse's son, the shepherd,
Who bears the kingly yoke.

Ruddy youth, unarmed save for
a simple peasant sling
Stands before Goliath now.
Hark!  Listen to him sing!
Undaunted by the giant,
Whose rage his song has bought,
He places in his weapon
The stone that he had sought.

Goliath charges forward;
The sling proclaims his fate:
Rock arcs through the air and strikes
Goliath's naked pate.
Philistine bulk now crumbles
To earth he will not own.
Goliath's reign is ended
By David's cunning stone!

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  1. i expect we wont know about the trinity until we are in its presence. But the real mystery is why so many try so hard so often to understand it when all that is required is to love that which is the trinity.God so loved the world[us] that He gave His Son to it and thru Him the Spirit so that we could know and love God.Your love ex.was appropo,yet your pizza ex. begs us to say:Taste and see how good the Lord is.


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