Thursday, January 12, 2012

King Oliver's Grace

Music is not central to The Champion, but it does play an important role.  In chapter two, Seta Gorrhima sings to release Idoun from his prison.  Gorrhima also uses music later in the novel to accomplish something significant to the plot.  But occasions of bardic spell-shaping are not my favorite instances of music in my novel.

There are two songs that are mentioned because of their significance in to the Republic of Lihn: The Crystals' Light and King Oliver's Grace.  The first is the national anthem of Lihn.  I have not written out the lyrics, but I know they will borrow heavily from the imagery of The Star-Spangled Banner.  The second song, King Oliver's Grace, is to Lihn what America the Beautiful is to the U.S.  This song is my favorite.  I've been tinkering with the lyrics and trying to write some music for them.  I'm still working on the music, which I hope will be reminiscent of the great English hymns, but the lyrics are set:

King Oliver’s Grace

Forget ye not King Oliver’s grace,
The gift that set a people free;
Remember always and embrace
That heart that let our freedom be.

Forget ye not the quieted throne,
The crown he cast onto the earth;
Recall forever, gladly own
The hand that wrought our freedom’s birth.

For wheresoever kings now rule in castles bright and strong,
Where men-at-arms and mages proud the festal tables throng,
The liberty of simple folk has not its proper place,
But Oliver, last king of Lihn, gave unto us his grace.

Forget ye not, of Lariel’s lands,
There is but one that’s truly free.
Behold our Senate!  Now it stands,
A beacon for the world to see.

Forget ye not, O Citizen, no!
The memory do not deface!
In joy and sorrow, weal and woe,
Hold fast unto that royal grace!

King Oliver Lihn was indeed the last king of his namesake country.  He signed the law that dissolved the monarchy and established the Republic, and he saw the Senate Hall completed before his death.  There are many reasons why he abolished his family's reign, some altruistic, some self-serving; I intend to explore his character at some point in the future.  For now it is enough for me to understand how the people of Lihn feel toward their last sovereign.

But what is King Oliver's Grace, exactly, and how do the citizen's of Lihn now possess it?  That will be the subject of another post!

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