Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent: Ready Your Hearts

I'm so happy to present a post from my sister.  Please enjoy! - Joshua

Ready your hearts…

This is a phrase that we hear every Advent, but do we really do it? Do we ready our hearts for the immense gift, the True Gift, whom we celebrate on December the 25th? Or do we get swept up in the artificial “meanings” of Christmas? For me, it’s a little bit of both. I love the feeling of joy and expectation that the celebration of our Lord’s birth is soon, but I also get caught up in the figuring out of gifts for family and friends and making sure I get to different parties and have fun. So when I heard the phrase “ready your hearts” last Sunday at Mass, it got me thinking about what that truly means. How does one “ready their heart” for the greatest gift the world has ever known?  How can a little human heart get ready to hold infinite love within it?

And then it came to me: marriage preparation!

I am not married, but I am friends with quite a few people who are recently married or who are engaged so I have heard stories about marriage preparation. It’s not that you are directly told to ready your hearts during marriage preparation, but it appears, at least from the individuals that I know, they do ready their hearts. They do it by prayer, conversation, reflection, and sacrifice. These brides and grooms were readying their hearts to receive the gift of each other and the blessings of the union that was made with God’s love. We, during Advent, are readying our hearts for the birth of our Savior and for the blessings and graces God wants to bestow on us. Just because this Sunday begins the second week of Advent doesn’t mean that it is too late to ready your heart for Christ…it is never too late to ready your heart for Christ. And in readying our hearts, we are opening them to Christ and the love He and God the Father have for us. So let us all be like brides and grooms during this Advent season. Let us be readying our hearts, be opening them, and be waiting for the true love that is coming soon.

I plan to do some Advent reflections on the four themes my sister mentions above. Maybe I'll even convince her to write some of them with me!  Happy Advent!  And thank you, my dear sister!

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  1. Fantastic job Lauren! So insightful; so much to meditate on this Advent!


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