Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Champion: Softcover Edition

I am proud to announce that my novel, The Champion, is now available for purchase in softcover!

Just as with the Kindle version of The Champion, a portion of all the proceeds from the sale of the softcover version will be donated to Notre Dame High School of Fairfield, CT during the 2011-2012 school year.

Purchase The Champion from Createspace and $2 will be donated to Notre Dame.

Buy it from Amazon and $1 will be donated to Notre Dame.

Or, if you buy the novel directly from me, $3 will be donated to Notre Dame.  The normal cost is $15, but Notre Dame students and members of the ND community will be able to purchase it for $10.

Why the differences in cost and donation?

Well, Createspace takes a significant chunk of the cost as commission if you buy from them.  Amazon takes even more.  But I can purchase copies of my novel at a reduced rate and sell them directly at a lower cost while simultaneously making a larger donation to Notre Dame.

Additionally, it takes Createspace and Amazon between one and two months to send me any proceeds, which means there is a great delay between the time of an online purchase and the time when Notre Dame receives a donation.  If copies are bought directly from me, ND receives a donation within days.

If you live in Connecticut, email me to order a copy of The Champion.

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