Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fiction: The Blind Wizard's Journal 4

Been a while since I've posted anything new in the journal.  Here's the next entry:

            We spent the day at a forge.  It has been many months since I have shaped metal.  I did not realize how much I missed it.  I do not think I will ever be able to work a forge again.  I cannot take Tak out of the Tower, and it is wrong to demand that Mirrin spend all her time chained to me.  She passes many hours with me as things are; she needs time to herself.  One of the reasons I have taken up writing this journal is because it is something I can do independent of her, and that gives her time to spend as she will.
            The sound of David Vint's hammer is ringing in my mind.  His work is art.  He will make many of the components of our new armor.  Joseph judges him one of the best smiths in the city, and I agree.  His shop is small and well-kept.  He has three apprentices.  Two of his sons visited him during the day, and he left his work for an hour to care for his mother.  Mirrin and I watched his apprentices when he was gone.  Not only did they have correct technique, but they showed care for one another.  They were both thoughtful and full of thought.  David has taught them well.
            When I was in my reflection room, I spent almost as much time thinking as I did testing my pain threshold.  I became a man in that darkness.  It is funny, now that I think about it.  I thought about the kind of man I wanted to be.  I though about the things I had noticed about men I respected.  Then, I pretended that I was like those men and acted that way, in the sense of an actor playing a part.  After a while I was not pretending any more.  I became the man I wanted to be.
            I should correct that.  I spent time thinking and praying in the darkness.  It was not just me in there.  The presence of God was like a cool compress on my forehead.  When I grew frustrated or pushed myself too far too soon, a whispered prayer would restore my focus and soothe my mind.  Prayer also helped me understand what a man really is in the sight of God.
            Now prayer is more important than ever, but I cannot spend all day on my knees.  I practice with the war wizards for several hours each day, and I spend another two to four hours each day devising new spells to use against Idoun's army.  Most of them are adapted for first or second tier wizards.  Efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of cooperative casting are my main goals.  But sometimes I think about new ways to use my full might against him.  Accessing the new part of the flow of magic is not as simple as channeling more energy.  Now that I am starting to understand it, I realize how lucky I was to survive my battle with Idoun...
            I have not pushed myself to my threshold since that fight.  It is time to test my limits.

There's going to be a lot more about this wizard on the blog in the near future.  Keep checking back!

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