Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reflection: Alleluia

Alleluia!  He is risen!

The event that shoots rays of light through the fog of human history has taken place.  Jesus, who was crucified, lives again.  The first of us to defeat death has returned to share His great work with all of us.  This is the heart of the Gospel, that love is stronger than death, and that Jesus Christ has come back from the dead.  This is the day that turns sorrow into joy, weeping in laughter, and rigid cynicism into unguarded wonder.  He comes back from the grave to give us all new life.

Alleluia!  Rejoice!

What greater joy can we have?  What greater cause for celebration?  That most hated foe of mankind, that shadow that stalks every step of every one of us, is now the pathway to paradise.  Christ has come to wipe away our tears and gladden our hearts. He comes to comfort, that is, to give us strength so that we may participate fully in the celebration.  That happiness banishes despair, but it does not end the need for labor.  Indeed, our mirth is drawn from His work, and it is in cooperating with that work that our joy is completed.

Alleluia!  Victory!

There war is over.  The great struggle against our fallen nature has been won forever.  Though we may yet stumble, though we may yet lose our way, the great accomplishment of Christ lifts us up and carries us back.  His triumph resounds through all ages, and He shares with us the fruits of the struggle.  We are called to the glorious feast to revel with Him.  The trumpet of His victory thunders through the halls of time, announcing to all creation that the Lord has come, and He has conquered!

Alleluia!  Praise God!

Nothing is higher, nothing is more deserving of devotion, nothing is more praiseworthy than Him.  What great strength!  What a great, indomitable spirit!  What great love!  In Him are justice and mercy reconciled; in Him are we reconciled to God.  Who else could do such a thing?  There is no other. Christ alone is the one.  It is the name of Jesus that compels knees to bend and tongues to confess the wondrous truth.  It is the name of supreme blessing.  It is the name of salvation.  It is the name of new life.  Thanks be to God for Him!  Alleluia!

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