Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poetry: He Is Gone

So I think I finally have a response to the event that caused my blogging break.  It is easier for me to express these thoughts as poetry, so, here I go:

He is Gone

Now he is gone, but we remain,
And You remain with us.

Now he is gone, but You were here
Before him,
And will remain long after we have left.

For when we're gone, we will remain
With You, where e'er we are.

For we cannot escape from You.
You find us.
You are the very Pow'r that moves our limbs.

And though You moved him far away,
He gave Your Love to us.

That Love remains within our hearts.
Divine Love
That will sustain us in uncertain times.

In all seasons, and in all times,
Your promise is the same.

When two or three are gathered here
In Your Name,
There also will You be, Emmanuel.

He's gone, but I'm not, and neither are the rest of us.

And neither is Christ.

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