Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fiction: The Blind Wizard's Journal 2

I've been thinking more about how the Blind Wizard and his wife, and I have some more of his journal to share.  I hope you enjoy!

            I love my wife, and she loves me.  Our love brings our minds, bodies, and souls into constant contact.  There are times when it feels almost like we are one being, thinking and breathing and loving with one will in two bodies.  Or maybe more like two wills in one body.  I do not know if I could tell the difference.
            In less than an hour we will be uniting ourselves in a way more intimate than any other.  It will be more profound than when we make love.  It will be more lasting than when we cooperate to accomplish the many tasks set before us each day.  Our souls, our very wills shall be united.
            Tak has taught me a form of magic that can bond my soul to Mirrin's.  I do not believe it is possible for anyone else to cast the spell.  Because we are married, and because she was bound to the Coriura as I was, Mirrin and I may be capable of exerting our wills through each other's limbs.  Just as I can see through Tak's eyes and move his fingers, so too will Mirrin and I be able to share control of our bodies.
            Our child will not be harmed; she will not be affected in any way.  I have prepared Mirrin's body, and my own, so that our daughter will be safe.
            Safe if we survive.  Just as there is a chance that a Champion may die when he bonds with the Coriura, so too is there a possibility that Mirrin and I may die when we attempt to bind ourselves together.  It is a small chance.  But it is not insignificant.
            There was no Scripture that could offer us guidance.  We have prayed together, and thought together, and meditated.  We do not believe the risk is too great.  We do not think going through with this plan is sinful.  Idoun is too grave a threat for me to face as I am.  If the spell works, then we shall be able to resist him much more effectively.  It is our duty - not just mine anymore, but both of ours - to protect the people of Lihn.
            Mirrin will be here soon.  I must finish the preparations, and pray.

More Blind Wizard tomorrow.  As always, comments are welcome!

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