Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to Books of Joshua!

Hello!  My name is Joshua.  I've been writing for most of my adult life.

Typically, writers write the kind of material they want to read.  I am no exception to that characterization.  The narrative that has dominated my thoughts is a fantasy novel.  I am glad to say that I have finally completed it!  Since finishing my opus, I've found that a lot of ideas are traipsing down my arms, tickling my fingers, and transitioning onto the page.  Since I've got no outlet for them, I've decided to share them with you.

This blog will feature a variety of writing inspired by many sources.  As you may have guessed from my blog's title, I am religious, and I get a lot of inspiration from the Bible.  Some of my writing will be directly related to the Good Book.

But a lot of it won't be.  I began this poem while I was doing a writing exercise with my students.  I forgot to mention that I'm a high school teacher!  I teach Scripture.  Anyway, here's the poem:

Song of Leaves

If I could photosynthesize
Or draw life from the ground,
Perhaps then I could harmonize
With that sweet leafy sound
That fills the forest in the night
Beneath the moon's white glow,
When nature's breath is high and light,
And tugs the leaves just so.

Tis not a rustle.  No, tis more
Like thankful chanted prayer,
Or elders singing songs of lore
To children gathered there.
To join the prayer, or learn the song,
Is not for men like me,
Who to this Age of Noise belong;
Whom silence cannot free.

For, outside, Noise does overwhelm,
and batter down my gate.
Yet also in the mental realm
Does Noise reverberate.
Escape can never be attained,
Unless I cut cord
That keeps my senses entertained,
And keeps my soul inured.

With what shall I dissever it?
Which implement is best?
With singing shall this Noise I quit,
And then shall I find rest.
A song of leaves shall I compose
Of sun, of cloud, of rain,
To conquer Noise, and to dispose
Of every strident strain.

Though it be soft, and it be low,
My leaf-song shall abide,
And when it's sung, the trees shall grow
Til oceans lose their tide.
And so, though branches groan and bend,
Behold, this, too, shall pass,
For Noise shall always, in the end,
Bow down to leaves and grass.

I love constructive criticism, so please feel free to go at it.

I intend to update daily, but intentions are like cupcakes: very sweet, but very small, and quickly dispatched.  That said, I will try to regularly confect tasty morsels for you.

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