Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poetry: Ode to a Printer

I had to buy a new printer this past weekend.  I was trying to print out a poem for a contest, and my old machine suffered a fatal blockage in its paper artery.  Tis a great loss.  The poem below gives voice to my deep sorrow.

Ode to a Printer

O noble son
Of ancient press,
Who saved me from
Inky distress,
To you I raise
This lauding verse;
Forgive me if
It's kind of terse.

You spat our words
In brilliant black.
You did not lack.
You copied, scanned,
And even faxed.
Yet care of you
By me was lax.

An errant pen
Cunningly placed
Into your mouth
Is my disgrace.
Your paper jammed.
Your case I broke.
Your gears did cease.
I guess you choked.

And so I weep
And moan and wail.
Best Buy has not
A single sale.
So I must spend,
And pay full price
To replace you
And that's not nice.

I pray this libation of words will appease my printer's soul and speed it to its final reward.

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