Saturday, March 19, 2011

Poetry: Donuts for St. Joseph

I'm Italian on my mother's side.  That means that St. Joseph's day is big deal for me.

Well, in truth, St. Joseph's day food is a big deal for me.  Please enjoy this little ditty about a baker who seeks the intercession of St. Joseph in a most important matter.

Donuts for St. Joseph

Oh, Patron Saint most fatherly,
Thou paragon of chastity,
I beg thee, with sincerity,
To bless my new-made zeppole.

I do beseech thee eagerly,
To build within me, verily,
A stronghold for God's charity,
But first, please bless my zeppole.

 Help me to give unsparingly,
And see with greater clarity.
Yet seek now, with alacrity,
To sanctify my zeppole.

They puffed up oh so fluffily,
And sizzled oh so loverly.
Do make it a priority
To consecrate my zeppole.

The sauce is sim'ring patiently.
The guests are staring anxiously.
I'm praying very piously.
So, come on, bless my zeppole.

Reach out now from eternity
And grant, in perpetuity,
Thy sanction to my pas-ter-ry,
My brown and golden zeppole.

I ask thee with finality,
And stomach growling hungrily,
Great Guardian of Italy,
Please bless my cooling zeppole.

No sign dost thou show unto me,
No staggering theophany,
So I'm just gonna let it be,
And eat my yummy zeppole.

Happy St. Joseph's Day!

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