Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meditation: Five Smooth Stones

I like to meditate on Scripture.  Occasionaly, I will post five-minute meditations that you can do anywhere there's a bit of quiet.  This one is particularly appropriate for the begining of Lent.

When David fought Goliath, he had nothing but his sling and five smooth stones.  One interpretation of the story I've heard suggests that the five smooth stones are the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  I like this interpretation.  David's greatest weapon against Goliath was his faith in the Lord and his knowledge of the Covenant.

We can adapt this story into a helpful Lenten meditation.

In order to meditate properly, there are a few things we need to do:
      Adopt a relaxed but upright posture to allow for proper breathing.
      Breathe in, deeply and slowly, through the nose, and breathe out through the mouth.
      Ask the Lord to guide our thoughts.

David was a boy when he faced Goliath.  The Phillistine warrior was a giant man who used his strength to destroy Israel's champions.  He seemed invincible.  None dared challenge him, even as he blasphemed the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Yet David was able to defeat him with only his faith in God and five smooth stones.

What is the Goliath you face in your life?  What seemingly unconquerable obstacle comes between you and the people you love or the life God wants you to live?  Name your Goliath in you mind.

David drew his courage from the Lord.  So, too, can you.  God has given you what you need to defeat Goliath.  At your feet are many smooth stones.

Each stone bears the name of a gift God has given to you.  Perhaps they are the names of loved ones.  Perhaps they are the names of talents.  Perhaps they are the names of role models, poems, songs, or other sources of inspiration.  Reach down and pick up the five smooth stones you need to defeat your Goliath.  Receive the gifts God has laid at your feet.

Now, armed with what God has given you, face your Goliath.  You may defeat him as swiftly as David did.  You may have to endure a great, prolonged struggle.  It does not matter.  God is with you.  God has given you exactly what you need to endure the fight, and to win the day.

Now, take three deep breaths, and return to your regular routine.

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